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Scaling up of Replanting and rejuvenation Scheme (S-R&R)

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Replanting and Rejuvenation

The main objective of the scheme is to enhance the productivity and production of coconut by removal of disease advanced, unproductive, old and senile palms and rejuvenating the remaining palms. The componentwise subsidy has been revised from 2014-15 as per MIDH norms and the details are as follows: (i) Cutting and removal of all old, senile, unproductive and disease advanced palms: A subsidy @ Rs.1000 per palm, subject to a maximum of Rs.32000/ ha is provided for cutting and removal of old, senile, unproductive and disease advanced palms. (ii) Rejuvenation of the existing coconut palms by Integrated Management: For adoption of Integrated management practices a subsidy of Rs.17500/ha is provided in two installments of Rs.8750/- each. (iii) Assistance for replanting: For replanting, a subsidy of Rs.40/- per seedling subject to a maximum of Rs.4,000/ha is extended.