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Activated Carbon Plant Active Char Pvt. Ltd., Kalamasseri, Kerala

Project cost: Rs.6 crores
Financial assistance: Rs.49.16 lakhs
Capacity: 15 tons of Activated carbon per day
Products: Activated carbon

Coconut oil - Direct Micro Expeller unit (Rubco), Kerala

Project cost: 25 lakhs,

Financial assistance: 5.5 lakhs

Capacity: 2000 coconuts / day

Products: Coconut oil (Direct Micro Expeller)
No. of units 18

VCO Centrifugal method CFTRI

Project cost: 70 lakhs, No. of units assisted : 2
Capacity: 5000 coconut per day
Products: Virgin coconut oil

Integrated Processing Unit Kallamkunnu Service Co-operative Bank Ltd.Thrissur, Kerala

Project cost 160 lakhs, Financial assistance 33 lakhs
Capacity 25000 coconut per day
Products: Chips, Vinegar, branded coconut oil, copra

Benzy Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd Ponnani, Kerala

Project cost: 235 lakhs, Financial assistance: 41.75 lakhs
Capacity: 25000 coconut per day
Products: branded coconut oil, edible copra, medicated oil, Vinegar,

Amrutha Integrated Processing Unit, Paravoor, Kerala

Project cost: 29.6 lakhs Financial assistance: 7.4 lakhs Capacity: 10000 coconut per day
Products: Desiccated coconut, Vinegar, coconut chips

Women empowerment programme Sevashram, Angamaly, Kerala

Project cost: 29.2 lakhs, Financial assistance: 7.4 lakhs, Capacity: 46000 coconut per day
Products: Milling copra, Vinegar, coconut chips, coconut oil

Kerala Malanadu Karshaka Produce Society, Thiruvampady, Kozhikode, Kerala

Products: Chips, Vinegar, branded coconut oil, copra

Vinegar Unit

Fortune Beverages Industries Ltd, Gujarat
Packed Tender Coconut Water unit

Project cost: 89.46 lakhs, Financial assistance: 18.85 lakhs, Capacity: 10000 coconut per day
Products: Packed tender coconut water

Coconut Chips Unit







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