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Rejuvenation Scheme details in Malayalam

Replanting and Rejuvenation of Coconut Gardens in Traditional States in India

The prevalence of old and senile palms, poor genetic base of the planting material under cultivation, over populated stands of both coconut and other trees in the homestead, poor management attention given to the crop and severe incidence of pest and diseases are the major reasons for the low productivity. One of the strategies to vitalize the coconut industry is to improve the general agricultural base with large scale rejuvenation of the coconut gardens.

Hence this project is for improving productivity through a programme of cutting and removing the old, senile, unproductive and disease advanced palm population, replanting with quality seedlings and rejuvenation of the existing gardens through an integrated package of practices. The project is sanctioned for the remaining three years of the XI Plan period at a total cost of Rs.2275.643 crores and subsidy component of Rs.478.504 crores as a Central Sector Scheme.

The major components of the programme and the rate of assistance are as given below:

1. Cutting and removal of old, senile, unproductive and disease advanced palms with a compensation of Rs.13000/- per palm (i.e. for the first 20 palms @ Rs.500/- and the remaining palms @ Rs.250/- limited to 12 palms per ha).

2. Rejuvenation of existing gardens through integrated management practices @ Rs.15000/ha for 2 years @ Rs.7500/- per ha.

3. Assistance for replanting @ Rs.20 per seedling.

4. Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation, Training etc.

The project will be implemented by the Board in association with the concerned Department of Agriculture

Other salient features of the project are given below.

i. The scheme shall be implemented in mission mode for total removal of all advanced disease affected, unproductive, old and senile palms in targeted areas.

ii. Replanting and rejuvenation programme will be implemented during the remaining 3 years of XI Plan i.e. 2009-10 to 2011-12 and first year (2012-13) of 12th Plan.

iii. The programme will be implemented in a farmer participatory mode in contiguous areas within Panchayats in identified Districts, for visible impact.

iv. The programme will commence in clusters of 25-50 ha or in each Panchayat ward as a cluster unit, where farmers have formed themselves into a group. Each cluster will have an elected Cluster Convenor and sub group leaders.

v. A base-line survey will be carried out in a farmer participatory mode covering all holdings in the project area. The palms for cutting and removal will be identified by the farmers themselves and verified by the Cluster Convener and approved by the local Agriculture Officer/ the Board’s officials.

vi. Based on the information in the base line survey, the officials of the Board shall facilitate the formulation of the project report by the clusters.

vii. The project reports of individual clusters shall be consolidated into one report at the Panchayat level/Municipal level by the local Agriculture Officer and presented to the Area Development Committee.

viii. The project report shall be recommended by the Area Development Committee, chaired by the President of the local Self Government Institution. The projects so approved by the Area Development Committees shall be consolidated by the Joint Director of Agriculture / District Agri. Officer and forwarded to the State Level Committee/ any other Committee constituted by the State Government/UT Administration.

ix. The Committee constituted by the State Government shall scrutinize the project reports and recommend eligible project reports to the Board.

x. For the rejuvenation programme, the clusters may be linked to a credit institution for providing inputs for the rejuvenation programme.


First Phase (2009-10) of Implementation - Kerala
District Taluks
Thiruvananthapuram Varkala, Attingal, Kazhakkuttam
Kollam Ochira, Karunagapally, Chavara
Thrissur Chalakkudy, Kodakara, Irinjalakuda

Second Phase (2010-11) of Implementation - Kerala
District Taluks
Thiruvananthapuram Pallichal, Kattakkada, Nedumangad, Chettivilakom, Vamanapuram & Pulimath
Kollam Kollam, Eravipuram, Kundara, Sasthamkotta, Kottarakkara and Chathannoor
Thrissur Mala, Kodungalloor, Mathilakam, Thalikkulam, Vellangallur and Cherpu

Third Phase (2011-12) of Implementation - Kerala
District Taluks
Thiruvananthapuram Parassala, Aryankode and Neyyattinkara
Kollam Punalur, Chadayamangalam, Vettikkavala and Anchal
Thrissur Vadakkanchery, Pazhayannur, Chavakkad, Chowannur, Mullassery, Anthikkad & Puzhakkal





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