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*Nata-de-coco * - Project Profile

Technology available from the Coconut Development Board, Kochi - 682 011.






Nata-de-coco a cellulosic white to creamy yellow substance formed by acetobacter aceti subspecies Xylinium, on the surface of sugar enriched coconut water / coconut milk / plant extract / fruit juices or other waste materials rich in sugar. It is popularly used as a dessert. It is also used as an ingredient in other food products, such as ice cream, fruit cocktails, etc.

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*Process (From Matured Coconut Water)

Initially coconut water is strained and mixed with sugar and glacial acetic acid in stipulated proportions. Boil for ten minutes and cool. Add the culture solution and distribute the mixture in wide mouthed glass or plastic jars, cover the jar with a paper or a thin cloth to protect from dust. It is then kept aside undisturbed for two to three weeks. After this period, the white jelly like thick surface growth is harvested, washed thoroughly to remove all the acids and sliced into cubes. It is then immersed in flavoured sugar solution, again boiled and packed in glass jars or retortable pouches, sterilized and sealed.

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*Project Cost

(Capacity 100 litres per day)
Land required 5 cents (cost variable)
Building (500 sq. ft.) Rs.2.0 lakhs
Equipment / glassware Rs.0.5 lakhs


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*Equipment / Machinery

  • Available at local glassware / laboratory stores




Raw material 100 litres of matured coconut water per day
Finished product 20 kg of nata-de-coco


*Salient Features

Annual sales turnover @ Rs.40 / kg Rs.3.75 lakhs
Net profit Rs.1 lakh per annum
Return on investment 40 per cent


*Sources of Equipment / Glassware

  •  Glass Vessels
  •  Glass Jars
  •  Sterilized bottles
  •  Measuring cups
  •  Water bath
  •  Refrigerator

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