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*Spray Dried Coconut Milk Powder - Project Profile



Using coconut milk is not a cumbersome or time consuming process anymore for those who want to include this wholesome nut in their regular diet. The spray dried coconut milk powder is now available in convenient and ready to use packs with same freshness of a fresh coconut milk. It has a longer shelf life and is convenient to use. This can be used in place of fresh coconut milk for food preparations / beverages in households and food industries by dissolving it in water. Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore with the financial assistance of the Board has developed the technology for spray dried coconut milk powder which is available to entrepreneurs at a total know-how fee of Rs.5 lakhs. The total capital investment for plant and machinery along with working capital margin comes to around Rs.2.36 crores. The internal rate of return works out to be about 16 per cent with a pay back period of about 3 years. On an average Twenty thousand coconuts would yield about one tonne of spray dried coconut milk powder. Spray dried coconut milk powder has a tremendous market potential in India and in international market. Direct employment potential is around 40 personnel.


*Present Status

The first step is breaking the dehusked nuts into halves. The split nuts are deshelled to separate the kernel. These two operations usually are done manually. Kernel is washed and then blanched by immersing in hot water at 80oC for 10 minutes. The next step is comminution of kernel into small gratings using a hammer mill. The gratings are subjected to pressing using, continuous screw press to extract the milk. The coconut milk thus obtained is filtered by passing through a vibrating screen. The coconut milk is then homogenized and mixed with maltodextrins and other emulsifiers in an additive mixing tank. The milk mixed with additives is then spray dried into a fine milk powder using a spray drier. The product is then packed in Aluminum foil packets in various sizes as per customer requirement.

*Product specification

Moisture 2%
Fat 66 - 72%
pH 5.8 - 6.5
FFA 0.2% max
Density 0.3 - 0.45 g/cc

*Project Cost

(20000 coconuts per day) 
Land 60 cents
Building - 6000 sq ft. Rs.45 lakhs
Plant & machinery Rs.200 lakhs
Contingencies Rs.10 lakhs
Preliminary & pre-operative expenses Rs.15 lakhs
Working capital (Margin money) Rs.25 lakhs


Hammer mill Elevator Screw press
Coconut milk storage tanks Vibrating sieving machine Coconut residue mixer
Additive mixing tank Emulsifier Homogenizer
Pasteurizer Volumetric filling machine Exhaust box
Can seaming machine Horizontal rotary retort Spray drier
Agro waste vertical boiler Sterilization tank Coconut residue storage bins


*Product yield

2000 coconuts would yield about 1 ton of coconut milk powder

*Salient Features

Capacity 20,000 nuts per day
Annual sales turnover Rs.7.5 crores
Payback period 3 years
Employment potential 40 persons
IRR 18%

N.B.: Technology available from the Coconut Development Board, Kochi - 682 011 on payment. The cash estimates and return are variable.

*Manufacturing unit

M/s.Sriram Coconut Products Ltd., P.B.No.1, Dindigul Road, Batlagundu-624 202 Ph : 22234/ 22381/ 23293/ FAX:++91-4543-22572, E-Mail: mailpalmo,biz  website:

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