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 Karnataka Govt. Gazette Notification - Karnataka Excise (Neera) Rules 2017

 Social Accounts of Friends of Coconut Tree - A training initiative of CDB

 Shri.Anand Kumar Singh relinquished charge of Chairman, Coconut Development Board

 T.K. Jose IAS relinquished charge of Chairman, Coconut Development Board

 Neera can cure liver disease, says study by IISc, Bangalore

 List of Prize Winners of Hindi Poetry Writing Competition - Kalpavruksh Nariyal

 CDB invites Application for New Project Proposals in Coconut based Industries

 Rejoinder for news appeared on Business Line newspaper dated 15-1-16

 It is better time to reap the benefits of value addition in coconut

 Invitation of Architectural Designs - last date 26-10-15

 Farmer Producer Organizations should be alert against price fall

 Quotation for engagement of Security Guards at CDB HQ Kochi - Last date extended upto 6-10-15

 Kerala Govt.Order-Guidelines for enhancing Neera production dtd 22-6-15

 Kerala Govt.Order on Marketing of Neera in Kerala dtd.28-3-15

 Last date of receiving applications for National Award 2014 receiving applications for extended upto September 14th 2015

 Fake campaigns taking rounds in the name of Neera Sugar Project

 Press Release -t Better price expected in coconut sector

 Press Release - Price fall of coconut is temporary

 Invitation of Advertisement Designs for generic promotion of coconut products

 Kerala Govt. Order on issue of Neera Tapping License to 173 Producer Federations

 Price of copra, coconut products to remain stable

 Coconut and Neera in Kerala and Karnataka Budget 2015-16

  Karnataka Producer Companies gets assurance from Hon.CM for Neera Production

  Price of copra, coconut products to remain stable

  Minimum Support Price of Copra for 2015 season

  Essay / Story / Poetry / Cartoon Competition in Malayalam language for School students, teachers and public      

  Winners of Hindi Essay Competition held at Kochi

  Certificate course in Coconut Processing commences on Aug 6th at CDB Instt.of Technology

  Keraia Sweet Toddy (NEERA) Rules, 2014 - dated 14-2-2014 - Issued by Excise Dept.

  Seven centres have been entrusted with production of Neera in Kerala

  Kerala Govt. Order on granting permission for Neera Production and marketing

  Govt.of Kerala issued Order on Neera production through Federations & CPS affiliated to CDB

 Govt. Order-Formation of Committee for Study on Neera Production

  FAO adopts CDB Friends of Coconut Tree concept

  CDB Friends of coconut tree training programme wins UN recognition

  SBT Pratibha Samman Award to Shri.TK.Jose IAS

  Financial support from Kerala Financial Corporation for Farmer Producer Organizations

  Views of CDB on fixation of MSP of copra for the Season 2014

  Procurement of copra - Govt.of Kerala Guidelines issued

  Muthukulam Panchayat Federation of Coconut Producers Society, Muthukulam South, Alappuzha delivered 6.25 ton FAQ value copra to NAFED through State Level Agency Marketfed on 30th July 2013.

  Palakkad Coconut Producers company, Palakkad delivered 7.5 MT of FAQ grade milling copra to NAFED through State Level Agency Marketfed on 30th July 2013.

 Malayalam Press Release - Neera

 Coconut and Neera in Kerala Budget 2013-14

 Availability of land at KINFRA Parks in Kerala

 Coconut in Union Budget Speech 2013

 Curb on edible oil exports lifted; nod for Coconut oil exports from all ports

 Govt. hikes copra MSP by Rs.150 per quintal - BusinessLine

 Statistics on Import of Edible Oil & Palm oil Import Duty

 Initiatives made for promoting Neera (letters issued to State Govts.)

 Tender Notice for the supply of Uniform for FoCTs

 Address of Lead District Managers in Kerala

 Applications invited for the supply of Dwarf Seed Coconuts

 Booking started for good quality coconut seedlings

 List of Nucleus Seed Gardens assisted by Board

 Model Project for Copra Dryer Unit

 Booking started for good quality coconut seedlings

 Applications invited for Empanelment of Modern Copra Dryer Manufacturers

 COCOTECH – An International coconut Conference will be held at Kochi

 MoU executed between CDB and St.Patrick Coconut Growers Co-op Society, Trinidad & Tobago

 Quotations invited from empanelled printers for printing monthly/quarterly journals in Bengali

 Kerala Govt.recognized CPSs as implementing agencies for projects related to coconut of Local Self Govt.institutions

 Results announced for Literary competions conducted by CDB

 CDB invites Applications from CPSs for Integrated Coconut Development Scheme

 CDB invites applications from management institutes/
     NGOs for training to CPSs

 Certification course in hybridization techniques at DSP Farms

 Govt. Order issued for procurement of copra/ coconut
    under MSP by Kerafed, Marketfed & CPSs

 Coconut industry in Kerala Budget

 Support for the Establishment of Tender Coconut Retail Outlet

 Govt. Order issued for procurement of copra/ coconut under MSP by Kerafed, Marketfed & CPSs

 Guidelines for production of quality planting material

 TANFED to commence copra procurement in Tamil Nadu

 Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Copra declared (2013)

 Fixation of MSP for procurement of de-husked coconut for 2012 season

 Approach paper - XII Plan

 CDB Schemes for Cooperative Societies

 Board's Presentation at State Level Bankers Committee Meeting, Thiruvananthapuram on 21-6-2011

 User manual for Rejuvenation Scheme Software

 Coconut Development Board notified as Export Promotion Council

 Registered Exports List

 Booklet on Recommended Packaging for Coconut Products

 Kisan Call Centre

 Price Support Scheme



* Coconut Development Board notified as Export Promotion Council

Click here to visit Export Promotion Council Website

It is hereby informed that vide Public Notice No.169(RE-2008)/2004-2009 New Delhi dated the 1st April 2009 of the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India has notified Coconut Development Board as an Export Promotion Council (EPC) for all coconut products other than those made from coconut husk and fiber. A sizeable quantity of coconut and coconut products are exported from the country with registration from various Export Promotion Councils. In pursuance of the above notification coconut products such as tender coconuts, tender coconut water, packed tender coconut water, nata-de-coco, coconut water based vinegar, coconut water based soft drinks/beverages, raw coconuts, partially dehusked coconuts, Desiccated coconut powder, skimmed milk powder, coconut milk/cream, coconut oil, dry coconuts, ball copra, cut copra coconut flakes, coconut chips, coconut gratings, coconut parings, coconut chutney powder, medicated coconut oil, coconut oil based hair/massage oils, virgin coconut oil, coconut based convenience foods, Coconut shell, Coconut shell powder, coconut shell charcoal, coconut shell based activated carbon, handicrafts made out of coconut shell and parts of coconut tree, coconut wood furniture etc. fall within the jurisdiction of the Coconut Development Board which has now been notified as an Export Promotion Council. As RCMC from the Export Promotion Council concerned is mandatory for exports, to enable exporters to avail the various benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy and duty neutralization schemes of the Department of Revenue, it is requested that exporters/prospective exporters of coconut products (other than those made from coconut husk and fiber) get registered with the Coconut Development Board immediately.

Export Promotion Council Notification

Download RCMC Application Form

Download RCMC Renewal Application Form

Registered Exporters List

Proforma for Furnishing Monthly Exports Returns

* Booklet on Recommended Packaging 
    for Coconut Products

Packaging plays a pivotal role in maintaining the quality of the product for storage, transportation and end use. With the objective to improve the quality of coconut products, Coconut Development Board has entrusted a project to the Indian Institute of Packaging to design and develop functional packages for certain coconut food products/handicrafts. Now the gist of study results on packaging are compiled in book form which will help manufacturers to adopt the recommended packaging and thereby improve their business and augment their earning. The book will serve as a guide and reference for all involved in the coconut industry especially the coconut processors and packaging units who wishes to adopt modern packaging technologies. The booklet on recommended packaging for coconut food products dealt with the packaging of coconut chips, frozen coconut meat, snow ball tender coconut, minimally processed tender coconut and edible copra. The chapters give emphasis on the specifications of the packaging materials, which could influence the quality of these food products and their shelf life. The booklet on recommended packaging for handicrafts provides the details of the recommended packaging materials for packaging of coconut handicrafts such as wine glass, ash tray, set of spoons and cup and saucer with glass bowls. The list of manufacturers of packaging method / Packaging machines is also given in annexure. Since you are a manufacturer of coconut food product/handicraft and have availed the assistance of the Board, it is requested to make use of the recommendations for packaging your products for better shelf life and maintaining quality. You may  purchase the booklets “Recommended packaging” for Coconut food product’s by remitting an amount of Rs.1,000/- + Rs.36/- as postage and “Recommended packaging for coconut handicraft’s” for Rs.500/- + Rs.36/- as postage by way of demand draft addressing to the Chairman, Coconut Development Board, Kera Bhavan, Kochi-682 011.

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* Kisan Call Centre

Dial: 1551 (BSNL landline) or 1800-180-1551 (mobile phones)
Toll free phone number for Information on Agriculture

Toll Free Telephone Calls are now available on agriculture related queries through Kisan Call Centers. Kisan Call Centre toll free phone number is 1551(BSNL landline) or 1800-180-1551 (all other mobile phone or landline) all over India. The objective of Kisan Call Centers is to leverage the extensive telecom infrastructure available in the country to develop extension services. The farmer will get answer through queries related to farming sector in local language from the experts of Agriculture / Horticulture Departments, State Agricultural Universities, ICAR institutions etc.

* Price Support Scheme

National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation (NAFED) is the central nodal agency for the procurement of milling and ball copra under price support scheme of the Government of India. The price support scheme is basically to ensure farmers a minimum support price which is worked out by the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) set up by the Government of India. In the procurement operation NAFED appoints state level agencies in consultation with the State Governments who in turn involve their co-operative marketing societies for the procurement at the field level. This scheme safeguards the farmers' interest especially during periods of high production and crash in price.

Support Price Declared for Copra (2017)

Milling Copra . . . . . Rs. 6,500/- 

Ball Copra . . . . . . . Rs. 6,785/-


* World Coconut Day - 2 September

September 2 of every year has been designated as Coconut Day as per the decision of the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) Headquartered at Jakarta, Indonesia. Foundation day of the APCC also falls on 2nd September. All major coconut growing countries including India are members of the APCC. The celebration of the annual coconut day is aimed at creating more awareness on the importance of the coconut and focussing world attention to this crop to enhance its potential in alleviating poverty, encouraging investments in the sector and promote total development of coconut industry in the member countries. In India, Coconut Development Board is taking the lead in the annual celebration of the Coconut day.

World Coconut Day celebrated on 2nd September 2012


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