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H.E. Mr. Jose Condugua Antonio Pacheco, Hon. Minister of Agriculture, Republic of Mozambique and Team visited Coconut Dev. Board HQ Kochi on 12th June 2012

An eight member delegation headed by His Excellency Mr.José Condugua António Pacheco, Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture, Government of Republic of Mozambique visited Coconut Development Board headquarters at Kochi on 12th June 2012. The main objective of the delegation was to explore the possibility of getting technical expertise from the Board in coconut cultivation and processing sector. They held discussion with Shri. T.K. Jose, Chairman, and senior officials of CDB on possible areas of cooperation between India and Govt. of Republic of Mozambique. The main area in which expertise sought by the country was for the mitigation of lethal yellowing disease(LYD) and control of rhinoceros beetles prevalent in major coconut cultivating areas in Mozambique, replanting the coconut garden with disease tolerant coconut varieties etc. Shri. T.K. Jose, Chairman made a presentation on activities and major schemes of the Board and major sector in which India and Mozambique can exchange their ideas for mutual benefit to achieve better results. The Chairman, CDB has also assured to provide all technical services and support available with the Board to Republic of Mozambique. Shri. Sugata Ghose, Chief Coconut Development Officer, Coconut Board and Dr.K Muralidharan, Director had responded the technical queries posed by the delegation. Mr. Inacio Maposse, Director General of the Institute for Agricultural Investment of Mozambique, made a presentation on the coconut situations Mozambique with a focus on major pests and diseases affecting the coconut. He also pointed out that 30% of coconut plantations in Mozambique are affected by LYD diseases. The delegation included: Mr. Mahomed Rafik Vala – National Director of Agricultural Services, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of the Republic of Mozambique; Mr. Inacio Maposse – Director General of the Institute for Agricultural Investment of Mozambique; Mr. Ilídio Bande – Director for Agriculture for the Province of Zambezia, Republic of Mozambique; Mrs. Maria Fatima Phumbe – Counsellor, High Commission of the Republic of Mozambique, New Delhi, India. Ms. Gertrudes Simião Muchave – Chief of Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of the Republic of Mozambique and Ms. Inês Catine – Press Attache, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of the Republic of Mozambique. The team was impressed by an array of value added products, handicrafts and charts and photographs displayed in coconut museum at CDB headquarters.


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