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Desiccated Coconut Powder is obtained by drying ground or shredded coconut kernel after the removal of brown testa. It finds extensive use in confectioneries, puddings and many other food preparations as a substitute to raw grated coconut. In India the product is manufactured by small scale units scattered in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.
A study conducted by the Coconut Development Board has revealed that a growing consumer demand for desiccated coconut powder could be developed in the country by resorting to organised market promotion activities for the popularisation of the product in consumer packs for household uses. The survey has also shown that desiccated coconut powder in consumer packs is acceptable not only in non-coconut producing states but also in Kerala. From the survey it was revealed that a sizeable section of the middle class and upper class families residing in cities and towns in Kerala would prefer desiccated coconut powder, if readily available, to raw nuts.


*Composition of the Product

Moisture 2-3%
Fat 65 - 68%
Solids not fat (SNF) 30 - 32%



The fresh matured coconuts are de-husked and de-shelled. The de-shelling is done by a special knife to get the kernel in the form of a ball, which is pared using scrapers to remove the testa. The pared kernel balls are then cut open to drain off the water and then washed thoroughly in fresh water to remove the invert sugars from the inner surface of the kernel. The kernel is then ground into a fine mass using hammer or pin mills. The ground mass is blanched with live steam for about 20 minutes to bring down the microbiological counts. The blanched mass is then dried in a hot air drier at a temperature of 80-90oC for about 10 hours so as to bring down the moisture content to below 3 per cent. The hot air drier is provided with a drying chamber consisting of a series of trays, which hold the feed. Hot air is blown into this chamber from an external source through blowers. The dried mass is tested for moisture, free fatty acid and microbiological counts. The product is packed in polythene pouches. The brown testa obtained during paring of kernel can be dried and the oil extracted which is known as paring oil. The dried brown testa can also be mixed with copra during the extraction of oil.


*Product Specification

(IS: 966-1975)
Moisture, per cent by mass, Max. 3.0
Fat, per cent by mass, Min. 65.0
Fat acidity, as lauric acid, Max. 0.3



*Project Cost (Two Tons/Day capacity)

(Two Tons / Day capacity)
Land (cost variable) 50 cents
Building 3000 sq.ft. @ Rs.1000 per sq.ft. Rs.30 lakhs
Plant & Machinery (does not include DG set, weigh bridge effluent treatment and other items not directly connected with process operation) Rs.35 lakhs
Electrification Rs.5 lakhs
Preliminary and pre-operative expenses Rs.2 lakhs
Working capital (Margin Money) Rs.20 lakhs



*Equipment / Machinery Details

  •  De-husking, de-shelling and paring tools

  •  Washing tank with spray arrangement

  •  Hot dip blanching tank

  •  Disintegrator provided with screens and aluminum trays

  •  Hot air tray drier with blower

  •  Sieving machine

  •  Storage bins

  •  Heat sealing machine


Raw material 10,000 coconuts
Desiccated coconut 1 tonne

*Salient Features

Sales turnover Rs.150 lakhs
Net Profit Rs.7.5 lakhs
Return on investment 25 per cent

*Sources of availability of Machinery

  • Gardeners Corporation, 6 Doctors Lane, Near Gole Market, Post Box 299, New Delhi - 110 001

  • Vivega Engineers, 143-C, Nava India Road, Coimbatore - 641 007.

  • Padmanabh Corporation, No. 69, Lake view Road, Kamakoti Lane, West Mambalam, Madras - 600 033.

  • Premier Engg. Products, 3rd floor, C.R.C. Building, M.G. Road, Cochin - 682 011. (Dryer)

  • Heat Flow Engineers, Plot 305, Netaji Nagar, Perungadi, Madras - 600 096. (Dryer)

  • Bedi & Bedi Pvt. Ltd., 11/13, 1st Main Road, Jawaharlal Extension, Bombay - 560 046. (Dryer)

  • Kilburn Engineering Ltd., Subhash Nagar, Bandra, Bombay - 400 078 (Dryer)

  • Package India, W-115A, 111 Avenue, Anna Nagar, Madras - 600 040. (Packaging machine)

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